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HitRate brings together my 25 years of boxing training, fitness coaching and creative thinking into one easy to follow boxing program. As a Personal Trainer who has trained and instructed boxing classes in both the UK and New Zealand, I wanted to design small team training classes that are accessible to everyone, teaches proper technique but ditches some of the "old school" boxing methods so only safe and effective exercises are included.

Having trained for a number of amateur fights, I know the fitness levels that can be achieved through boxing training and I want everyone who joins a class to feel like they could "go the distance" even if they have no desire to ever step into a ring. 

Most importantly we want you to have fun and we make sure every class is exciting and different. We have kept the classes to only 8 people as we want to be able to coach you properly and ensure you get personal attention. This gives you the chance to build a strong relationship with the group, which makes it more likely that you will stick with the program and get the results you want.

Our promise to you is that you will never get bored or ignored in a HitRate class.

Damo "Demolition" Simpson, Head Coach.

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