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We are a local Christchurch team who are passionate about boxing for fitness. This enthusiasm translates into our product and services that we provide to your members. They will receive incredible care, support and results while you will be provided with  a proven turn-key, stand-alone profit centre for your business. HitRate will transform your business by engaging and retaining your members. 

The HitRate boxing system will provide you with:

  1. Full set up of your boxing space. This includes bags, monitors and all the hardware needed to run the system, customised to your space.

  2. A month long trial supported by a trainer for free before you sign up. We are confident that your members will love the program and will want it at your club once they have experienced it!

  3. Access to the HitRate video platform with the full set of workouts.

  4. Virtual boxing classes - members can access the video platform outside of class times.

  5. Additional workouts added every fortnight with supporting coaching information for trainers.

  6. Comprehensive HitRate Train the Trainer course with supporting online tutorials and 24/7 support for all gyms and trainers

  7. Client engagement with challenges and the HitRate Leaderboard.

  8. Full social media calendar and resources to promote the classes at your gym. 

  9. Managed booking system and payments.