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We are a local Christchurch team who are passionate about boxing for fitness. This enthusiasm translates into our product and services that we provide to you so you can offer your members a world class boxing for fitness experience. This is a proven, stand-alone profit centre for your business with minimum investment to help you engage and retain your members. 

When you join with us we will provide you with:  

  1. Everything you need to set up your boxing space. This includes the correct bags and gloves, TV monitors and all the hardware needed to run the system, customised to your space.

  2. Access to the HitRate video platform with the full set of unique workouts.

  3. Additional workouts added every 3 month cycle with supporting coaching information for trainers.

  4. The comprehensive HitRate Boxing,  Train the Trainer course with accreditation for your trainers.

  5. A program that requires minimal preparation time by your trainers. Just plug in and play so they can focus on your members.

  6. Ongoing coaching and 24/7 support for all gyms and trainers.

  7. Client engagement through the online HitRate Leaderboard.

  8. In-house and inter club competitions.

  9. Social media resources to promote the classes at your gym. 

  10. The option to have a managed booking system and payments methods.

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